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Top 3 NFT Games To Make RM100 A Day! (2021)

Malaysia doesn’t have a video on a Top NFT game list yet, it helps to know how much one can earn in Ringgit (RM) terms when playing each NFT game. These are the top 3 NFT games that I’m either playing or in favour of, I also tell you what NFT games I’m looking forward to, and I also teach you how to look out for the latest NFT games to find your own gems as well!

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Illuvium: ()
Aurory Project: ()
Ember Sword: ()

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This video is similar to Axie Infinity – How I Earn RM3,000 Monthly Playing A Game and
10 NFT Games You Can Play Right Now! Top 3 NFT Games To Make The Most Money.
5 Best NFT Games to Make $100 a Day!


I make about 100 ringgit a day with play 2 earn NFT games and these are the top 3 NFT games that you can play to make RM 50-100 a day if you’re familiar with my channel by now.

Axie Infinity

How it works (gameplay, cost of play is quite high)
It’s sort of like pokemon, you need 3 Axies/Pokemons in order to play. Just like pokemon, some types are stronger against certain types, for example, fire against water or rock against plant – something like that.

How to earn?
The way to earn is to earn these SLP tokens in-game, they’re sort of like Mesos in MapleStory if you still remember that.
These SLPs can be used for breeding or simply be used to cash out into your monthly income
(40% of profits come from adventure and 60% of your profits will come from PVP)
How much you can actually earn?

League of Kingdoms

How it works
Clash of clans, age of empire, it’s sort of like a resource gathering game, so what you do is that you gather resources, build your empire, use things like wood, rock, steel to build armies, to conquer cities, etc.

How to earn?
(Make money from the production of items like food, wood, stone and also from gathering resources) and then you mint them and then sell them on marketplaces like Opensea.

How much you can actually earn?
With a max level character, you could be making up to $20 USD / RM 80 per day but it takes about 7-8 months without investing a single sen to reach max level. You can make more if you purchase land though.


How it works
Card-based game – if you’ve ever played YuGiOh it’s something like that but far simpler. How it works is that you battle someone online with your cards and then you have to quickly build a team from your cards, different cards have different elements and different power ratings, free to play but you tend to do better if you have stronger cards and etc.

How much you can actually earn?

Really depends, hard to say because if you’re not a very good player – you’d make close to 0 but if you’re a very good player and you invest in cards or own amazing cards, you could make hundreds a day.
DISCLAIMER: Hey guys, it’s true that I have worked in 3 different banks as a financial analyst but I am not a financial advisor, just like you guys, I’m learning as much as I can, please do not take any of this content as guidance for buying or selling any type of investment or security. Anything said on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice, this is merely me sharing my own personal opinion. Your own results in the crypto/stock market or with any type of investment may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of risks associated with investing in the stock/crypto market so don’t forget to do your own research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

Top 3 NFT Games To Make RM100 A Day
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