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Game –

Question and Answers

1. Get Off the Ground

To move an object in a specific direction, you should: Use the directional arrows with the Move Tool

Which is not one of the steps to building the speedster? Creating a Garage

How do you zoom the camera in and out? Use a scroll-wheel or press W or S

Which password below can best protect an account? [email protected]@h!

Publishing saves your work online, so you can access it on any computer. True

When working on a game, how often should you save your work? All of the above

2. Adding Wings

What should you do during a playtest? All of the above

Where can your turn Collisions on or off? The Home and Model tabs

While building, you should always work in one camera angle, such as the top view or side view. False

A finished speeder should be placed into what section of the Explorer. Garage

Which tab does not include the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools? View

The process of combining multiple objects into one model is: Grouping

If Collisions are on, and you duplicate a wing, it’ll appear: In the same place as the orginal wing

What keyboard press lets you duplicate objects? Ctrl + D

Rotate snapping lets you do what to parts? Rotate parts a set amount a time

3. Customize and Share

Roblox Studio scripts use which programming language: Lua

What’s the name of the script with variables that control a driftspeeder? Settings

After making a code change, you should: Playtest to see if your code works correctly

Once you upload a model to Roblox, what is one of the benefits you get? All of the above

For DefaultSpeed, which number might cause issues for your speeder in-game? 5000

A variable is: a placeholder for information that can be updated as needed

So others can play, a game needs to be set to: Public

4. Adding New Models

3D models are one type of game asset. True

To open the Toolbox, which tab should you go to? View

Your Toolbox Inventory stores the following: Game Assets, like models or sounds

The Driftspeeder Parts kit is saved in what part of your Toolbox Inventory? My Models

If you create and sell game assets, like 3D models, you can earn Robux. True

5. Colors and Textures

Changing the texture of a 3D model lets you: – All of the above

A driftspeeder can only use one texture file for all it’s parts. – False

Which of the following looks like a real TextureID? -rbxassetid://4433431206

On a driftspeeder part, which property changes the texture? – TextureID

Games can only use Roblox made textures. You can’t create your own. – False

6. Design the World

Which property of Terrain is used to change the colors of each surface? – TerrainColors

A terrain material is a paintable surface, like grass or water – True

Which Terrain tool is used to change terrain texture – Paint

In the Explorer, under where can you find the Terrain object? – Workspace

Roblox Creator Challenge – How to get 5 FREE ITEMS
How to install:
– Download, extract and run .exe file,
(If your antivirus blocking file, pause it or disable it for some time.)
– Choose destination folder

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

Don’t forget to read instructions after installation.
Enjoy Roblox Creator Challenge – How to get 5 FREE ITEMS.

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