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If you’re planning to do any canning (water-bath or pressure), this is a must-watch video!
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You’ve grown and sourced some amazing food. Now you want to get it on your shelves and store it. One of the best ways to do that is with canning. Canning is becoming more popular than ever, thanks to its many benefits. So, how do you get started the right way?

In this episode of Panty Chat, Josh and Carolyn kick-off a brand-new series on preservation techniques with an introduction to canning. They cover the different types of canning and what foods they are good for, what equipment you should be using, and why it’s so important to follow the rules and practice the right safety measures, especially when it comes to canning.

If you’d rather listen to this episode, hop on over here for the Podcast, transcript, and show notes:

Time Stamps
0:00 – Chit Chat
9:19 – Question of the week: Do we own a backup generator? Which brand?
14:12 – Canning History
18:37 – What is Canning?
20:10 – Canning Safety
24:55 – Types of Canning
25:45? – Waterbath Canning
28:35 – Pressure Canning
one other method??
34:00 – Oven Canning
37:24 – Canning Tips

WELCOME! We’re so glad you’re here! We are Josh and Carolyn Thomas. Together with our nine children, we are The Homesteading Family where we’re living a self-sustainable life in beautiful North Idaho. Let us welcome you and show you a bit about us here:

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– Fermenting Tomatoes- PDF download on fermenting tomatoes

– Preserving Culinary Herbs- Downloadable, step by step directions to drying, freezing and salting culinary herbs.

– Render Your Own Lard- PDF with instructions on how to render your own lard.

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