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Have you ever felt like the world is against you? You have decided to go on this journey in life that makes your soul happy. You feel really happy about but it seem like people are against you whether it be family, friends or strangers? You know you have good intentions with what you are doing but nobody seems to get you. This video will show you how you can combine the journey you’ve taken with the hawkins scale, so that you can enjoy the process of the journey where the world feels like, is on your side.



#potential #spirituality #presence

Welcome back to another video I’m James and I help people realize their potential and in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you, how you can use your vision and combine it with the vibrational scale so that you have more control over how fast you’re going but also how steady you are going. So because the vibrational scale will always have an influence on how you’re going about your day.. how you’re going about your life, you want to have more control over that, as you go and pursue your vision.. as you go and live your vision.

This video is related to another video. I’m gonna probably put it below or somewhere up here and that video is all about discovering your vision.. finding your vision and why it is so important to have a vision because in my own life, I had periods where I did have a strong clear vision and other periods where I didn’t have any vision or it was not very clear at all and the huge difference there is when you have a vision versus when you don’t have a vision.

So in this video, again, it’s about combining the the vibrational scale, Hawkins of map of consciousness and use that to your advantage so you can realize more of your potential. So when you already have a vision, when you already discovered your vision or designed it or created it, you can also call it your perfect movie. A vision that is just pulling you.. it’s pulling you towards it and you don’t really need so much willpower, anything to get that.. to go and take the right actions.

As you go through the journey.. as you go for life and you do these things.. there’s gonna be a lot of people saying to you, you cannot do it.. that it’s impossible.. that no one has done it before, or they would say “You? You cannot do that. You’re not very good in this.. what about this and that and that”

There’s going to be a lot of people who’s going to either hate or be a naysayer and of course when you encounter those kind of attitudes you’re going to get affected most likely and especially when they come from people close to you.. that’s why you have to have a stronger sense of that, this is so personal to you, that you don’t need others to buy into it.. you can show them through your results but besides that you do not want to put too much energy or effort into having people understanding you.

The right people, in the end, will be the ones who let you be you and you letting you be you is basically the vision that you’re going towards because that is based upon your heart’s desires. So what do you do when you know there are all these naysayers and haters? Well you just ignore them. You just ignore them and keep your vision close strong in front of you and that’s what your focus is going to be all the time.

Now there’s going to be encounters where some people or something is going to try to take away your attention from your vision, not consciously. People usually are not consciously trying to put you down. Usually it’s based upon people’s own feeling of lack in their own lives.. in their own self-esteem.

So it’s nothing personal and it’s just something that’s just happening, so don’t take it don’t take it so seriously.. ignore it or use it if you can but don’t use it as if, on the vibrational scale, you use it down there.. it brings you down there to anger or desire all of that.

Even though it can push you at times.. it can be a good fuel for you at times but again under courage.. courage is the tipping point between when things become more effortless above 200 and below 200 is when things becomes harder and you feel like it’s a battle and you have to go against something. So that’s why you do not want to be down there as you go through your vision.. so the association, the assumptions that you make – the meaning that you give to the things that’s happening as you go and chase your vision – that’s going to be the factor of how you’re vibration is going to be.

If you just.. again as I told you, people are not doing it consciously. They do it based upon their own lack of abundance.. of self confidence.. of self esteem.. you can understand that, you can have sort of sense of maybe empathy towards them and you’re like okay that’s just how it is but your vision is strongest and most beautiful thing and once you get closer and closer t…..

How To Win In Life By Using Two Simple Tools That Are FREE
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