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What’s up guys it’s Taylor Timothy. And today we’re going to be talking about the free resources that I personally use to generate leads and sells online. So let’s always send me more time and dive right in.
So guys, before we even get started, just a reminder, I have an entire checklist that is in the description. If you click the link, you can go ahead and download it and follow along. But other than that, let’s dive in. So the first tool I want to talk about is Google guys. Google has so many free tools that you can use to help you generate leads and sells for businesses. So let’s go over them. We’ve got Google analytics. This is a tool that will help analyze the data on your website. This is a must have on your website, Google paid ads. Now, Google paid ads is not free, but it is a tool and resource that you can use and set things up. But all in all, usually the client pays for ads. So again, it’s free. It’s a win. Learn how to run Google paid ads, you can generate tons of leads with it.

The next thing we’re going to go over is Google domains. Now a lot of people use different providers like go daddy and things like that by recommend using Google. The reason why Google domains is so awesome is because you can immediately link up G suites faster than ever. You know now if you buy a domain over on GoDaddy and then you try and link up the G suite, sometimes it can just be a pain in the butt. So I promise you guys, Google domains will save you tons of money and tons of time. Last but not least, you need to use Google webmaster tools. Now obviously if you’re playing the search engine game, this is a must have on your website, link up webmaster tools to your website, link that sucker to analytics and things like that. That is going to help you guys know where your website is ranking.

And again guys, this is free. The next thing I want to talk about is Facebook. So obviously Facebook is growing. It’s an easy tool to generate leads and sells. There’s three things you need to know about inside of Facebook. First one is obviously the ads manager, so the platform that you can actually run ads over on Facebook and Instagram. Again, the tool is actually free to use, but if you run ads then obviously you’re paying, the next thing we’re talking about is the creator studio, so this is a new beta rollout that Facebook has released. This allows you to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram before you had to use third parties and trust me guys, this thing is going to be robust and it’s going to be amazing. The next thing I want to talk about is the Facebook ads library. So the Facebook ads library is a tool that you can use.

Basically, you can go out there and figure out different ads that people are running. So go, you can kind of spine your competitors before you could actually really spy, but they’ve definitely pulled that back. You can’t buy as much, but still it’s a good tool to use to figure out ad copy and add visuals and things like that. So go over there and use the ads library. The next tool I want to talk about is Upwork. Now Upwork is a tool that you can use to hire other freelancers to help you optimize your business and potentially create tons of things for you. Now beware, these people are not from the United States the majority of the time and they aren’t proficient in English, so I wouldn’t recommend, you know, using them for ad copy and things like that. Yes, I’ve heard of people building their entire business off of Upwork, but I recommend using Upwork to hire people to do tasks that are just over and over and over again.

So a lot of times Upwork, you can use these things just to dial in processes and help speed up those processes that you don’t really want to work on. So such as maybe video production. Maybe you want this guy just to crank out the same video over and over again. Maybe with podcasts they can edit your podcasts, but usually what I’ve found is you give them one assignment and one assignment only. The next time I want to talk about is the who is, so what is, who is who basically helps you identify who owns a specific domain. Now I’ve used this tool and I always use this tool. Generally speaking, if I get a new client and they have to transition everything over to me, a lot of times the previous web host or web provider would hold their domains hostage because they bought it.

Free Resources For Generating Leads and Sales Lead Generation
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